Car Coolant Leak

Car Coolant Leak, Cooling System Antifreeze Coolant Leak - Orange or Green = Coolant

Car Coolant Leak

Most cars use a pressurized antifreeze coolant liquid cooling system to keep the engine at the best operating temperature. This antifreeze coolant is usually a florescent green or orange in color. 

Antifreeze coolant gets pressurized by the heat of a running engine. Heat from the engine is transferred to the coolant via various pipes and holes in the engine which the antifreeze coolant runs through. A water pump is what moves the coolant through the engine. Water pump also moves the coolant through the heater core and radiator. 

Radiator is used to transfer heat from the antifreeze coolant into the surrounding air. Since the air is cooler than the antifreeze coolant liquid in the radiator, the heat from the liquid will transfer to the air. This reduces the temperature of the antifreeze coolant. A Cooling Fan located beside the radiator helps to cool the antifreeze coolant in the radiator. Cooling fan or fans suck or blow air across the radiator. By doing this, more colder air is passed across the radiator.

Water pump, pumps the cooler antifreeze coolant back into the engine which cools the engine down.

On hot days the antifreeze coolant in the cooling system can be under a lot of pressure. It is this pressure combined with worn parts which causes leaks to appear.

Most Common Places for Car Coolant Leak

- Rubber hoses between the Radiator, Thermostat, Water Pump, Heater Core and Engine all wear out over time and need to be replaced.

- Water Pump has seals that wear as the engine is run. When the seals go bad then a Coolant Leak will occur. Water pumps are usually located by the belt or belts that appear at the side of the engine.

- Radiator is easily damaged and if run without the proper coolant can rust. This leads to small holes which leak car coolant.

Other Places for Car Coolant Leak

- Gaskets can go bad which lead to Car Coolant Leaks. Gaskets are found on Thermostats, Water Pumps, Water Jackets, Metal Pipes and Cylinder Heads.

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