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have coolant leak in the cab of 1995 honda odysse
9th of March 2015 ... Number of Responses 1 --
I just changed thermostat top radiator and bypass hose at rear of engine now I'm leaking coolant inside cab and car is still overheating
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Response Posted:10th of March 2015
Main issue with older vehicles is if the electric cooling fans still work on the radiator. Make sure they come on when the engine get warm. If the fans do not come on, then either the fan itself does not work or there is a failure somewhere in the electrical system. How to replace - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=raa03U3WUsY. If they work, then it would seem strange as to why the van is overheating after changing the thermostat and radiator unless the head gasket is gone on the engine causing coolant loss. As for why it is leaking in the cab, normally that would suggest the heater core has developed a leak but maybe something was not quite attached correctly during the repair.
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