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why the oil leaks even after replacing the pan gasket? it is Mitusbishi Diamante LS 2000
20th of November 2013 ... Number of Responses 1 --
I own Mitusbishi Diamante LS 2000 model vehicle. There is a lot of Engine Oil dripping near the engine.I am topping up the oil for every 15 days.The mechanic has replaced the oil pan gasket,even then the oil is leaking form the engine.Later he said that the head gasket has blown away.But the coolant in the radiator is full all the time & there is no white smoke emission at the exhaust.Later I took the vehicle to other mechanic. He said that the Cam seals might have worn out. He is asking to replace the cam seals.Does this replacement put a stop to the issue???? I have invested 1000$ for fixing this issue,but it is not solved.please suggest me with a solution.Immediate response is highly appreciated.
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Response Posted:20th of November 2013
Based on others feedback on this car, here is a list in order of most common where the leak would come from. As you can see there is a few choices so repair bill could add up. Normally to diagnose a problematic leak, mechanic would clean engine and then add dye to the oil. Then they would use a black light (which makes the dye glow) to follow the oil leak back to it's source. MOST COMMON LEAK PROBLEM A - Rear cam plug O-ring - found on driver side of engine, close to radiator hose attachment B - Distributor O-ring C - Valve cover gaskets D - Spark plug tube gaskets - these are usually replaced when valve cover gaskets are replaced E - Camshaft front seals - you can remove top front timing belt cover and see if they are leaking before changing them. F - Front crankshaft seal behind the main pulley. G - Head gasket. LEAST COMMON LEAK PROBLEM Anyone of the above could be happening with your engine but the best approach (if not using dye in oil) would be to start at the top of the list and check each one to see if the leak can be found.
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Response Posted:21st of November 2013
I have observed that oil is leaking near passenger side of the engine.
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Response Posted:21st of November 2013
Suggest you try the web site: http://www.justanswer.com/mitsubishi/
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