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Oil leak at the front bottom of the engine
17th of November 2015 ... Number of Responses 1 --
I have a 99 Mercury Mystique GS & it's leaking oil from the front bottom side of the engine. It did not start leaking until after I had the oil changed. It is not coming from the drain plug or the oil filter. I do not know anything about cars and I am in desperate need of some guidance. Please help...
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Response Posted:18th of November 2015
If it is the 2.5l engine it probably is the oil sending unit as they go bad. It is located behind the air compressor for the a/c unit. The sender is screwed into the block. With a flashlight and mirror you might be able to see it by locating the wire attached to it and following it back to the block. To replace, the Belt for a/c compressor needs to removed and the a/c compressor unbolted (not disconnected - otherwise you kill a/c)from engine to allow access.
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