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Milky Looking Oil on Dipstick
18th of September 2013 ... Number of Responses 2 --
Why does my oil look like sour milk when I pull out the engine Dipstick?
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Response Posted:19th of September 2013
When oil gets mixed with water it becomes milky looking. The water could be caused by coolant mixing with the oil due to a bad cylinder head gasket. It might also be caused by condensation if the car has not be driven for a while.
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Response Posted:29th of September 2013
If water gets mixed with Oil it will emulsify causing the milky look. Usually means the head gasket is gone. You should see that you are loosing coolant. If left long enough, the engine will die since the oil and whatever is causing the problem is not good for the engine. Other reasons: 1 - The car was in a flood. 2 - Car has not been driven for a long time so condensation has built on in the crankcase. 3 - Somebody was not happy with you and put water in your oil
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