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Oil Leak with Blue Smoke
17th of September 2018 ... Number of Responses 1 --
I own Mazada 6 - Sport, turbo 2008, Diesel Engine, it is covered 110000 mails, last month, there was a Oil leak and Some times Blue smoke was coming from Exhaust, there was a damage in Crankshaft seal, After i replaced it ran good for 500 miles, then again now Blue smoke started coming after i drove fir a 1 mile, basically when CAR heater indicates between C and H (exact between), i did Diagnostics check as well, but there was no issue in the report. My mechanic mentioned Oil leak does not relate to Blue smoke and he says there is no problem in my CAR, but still able to see Blue smoke. No idea what to do.
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Response Posted:18th of September 2018
See if this website solution helps: https://www.mazdas247.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-123748050.html They talk about oil getting stuck in the Turbo due to driving conditions - especially idling.
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