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I have watery oil leak
6th of March 2021 ... Number of Responses 1 --
I had thermostat replaced now I see a little watery spot when I park. Is this just water on the engine. ? Will it stop ?
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Response Posted:7th of March 2021
Quite often when a thermostat is replaced if the hose that goes to the thermostat housing is not also replaced it may not seal well causing a small leak. Things to check for, leak around hose to thermostat housing, loose hose clamp at thermostat housing, coolant levels dropping. Another issue that can occur when a thermostat is replaced is that the coolant system now operates at the maximum pressure whereas before it may not have if the thermostat was stuck open. This means leaks may appear in different components that did not seem to leak before. Mechanics can use a pressure tool to generate pressure in the cooling system when it is cold to identify leaks. If you are lucky it will just be a loose hose or loose coolant fill cap (such as radiator cap). If not then I suggest getting the system checked for leaks.
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