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Oil Filter Leak

Car Leaking Oil After Oil Change, Looser Oil Filter Leak
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Oil Filters can be located in various parts of the engine so you will need to look for a cylinder like object (like a soda can) that is on the side of the engine. Size varies from a half a soda can all the way to a large can of beans. Oil Filters are spun on by hand onto the engine where possible otherwise a special large socket or wrench is used to tighten them up. Sometimes, it can feel like the Oil Filter is on all the way but it may not be.
Car Leaking Oil After Oil Change, Oil Filter Leak
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At the top of all Oil Filters is a gasket. Before a New Oil Filter is put on, this gasket is to be lubricated with Oil. When this gasket touches the engine (as the new Oil Filter is screwed on), the Oil Filter is supposed to be turned a further 3/4 of a turn to form a tight seal. If for some reason the filter is not on tight enough, Oil will leak around the filter. To Fix, check if there is any gap between the Oil Filter and the Engine and that it is on tight enough. 

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