Oil Leaking From Car

Oil Leaking From Car Symptoms

So you see a dark patch appear under you car engine whenever it is parked for a while or you hear a loud screech when the engine is running. These are all symptoms of  possible Oil Leak.
What you first need to do know is determine how large the leak is as that will determine how long you have to fix it.

How large is the Oil Leak?

All modern cars have an oil pressure warning light. Usually this light is RED and looks like an Oil Can or Oil Drop. When oil in the engine gets too low this light will come on. If you regularly see this light and have to add oil before your scheduled Oil Changes then you have a large leak. Large Oil Leaks should be dealt with as soon as possible because they will usually get bigger.
If you do not see the Oil Light between Oil Changes then you have time to think about what is causing the problem.
Please note that all oil leaks are not good for the environment and should be fixed sooner rather than later.

Locating an Oil Leak?

Oil that gets on the belts that causes the screeching noise usually comes from a few places:
  • Valve Cover Gasket at top of engine - This gasket wears out often and needs to be replaced.
  • Crankshaft Seal at side of engine - It is behind the main pulley that the belts run on.
  • Timing Cover at side of engine - Belts are usually close to the timing cover. When this seal goes bad oil can get on the belts.
  • Oil that appears at the bottom of the engine can come from many different sources including the ones just mentioned.
  • Oil Pan - This is a common place for oil to leak out as the gasket for the Oil Pan wears out. The Oil Pan is located at the bottom of the engine.
  • Drain Plug - Sometimes the bolt in the Oil Pan that is removed when changing oil is not put back correctly and this causes oil to leak out.
  • Wherever the Car Oil Leak is coming from, a dye can be added to the engine oil to make it easier to see the location of the Car Oil Leak. After the dye is added to the engine oil, the engine is run for a little bit to pump the dye to the location of the leak. Using a special light, the trail of the dye can be seen on the engine and then the source of the Car Oil Leak discovered.

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