Chrysler Passenger Side Leak

Chrysler Van Wet Passenger Floor Dodge Van Wet Passenger Floor

So you wonder why your passenger's feet get wet on a rainy day in your Town & Country?

You have taken it to the dealer and they advised that it is just an issue with the AC drain which they have since cleared. The next rainy day, you find the carpet on the passenger side wet.

So far we have determined the reason for this problem to be a minor design flaw. When the rain is heavy enough it splashes into the trough under the air intake vent on the outside of the car (just below the windshield). It is this splashing effect which causes the problem. If the rain just dripped into the trough it would drain away from the van. 

Previously we had advised raising the height of the vents in the bulkhead however since then we have found out about the rubber seal that should go between the plastic air intake shroud and the windshield. Probably something that gets discarded by careless windshield guys.

First thing to check is if there is a rubber seal between the bottom of the windshield and the Plastic Shroud (that goes around the windshield wipers and air intake). If there is not one, then this allows water to stream into the air intake causing the water to splash into the trough, part of the splash goes into the bulkhead of the vehicle and from there into the van on the passenger side (behind the glove box).

If you have the seal, then make sure that it is tight against the windshield.

If you don't have the seal, then a trip to the junk yard is your cheapest option. The local Chrylser dealership advised us that the seal by itself is not obtainable but instead you would have to buy the whole plastic shroud with the seal on it. For those not worried about the look of their van, I suppose you could run silicone between the shroud and the windshield.

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