Saturn Car Trunk Leak

Saturn cars seem like they have lots of leaks of water into places where it should not go. This page deals with water getting into a Saturn Trunk (or Boot if you are British). As the cars age the seam sealer that Saturn used to seal the seams between different metal parts of the car hardens. When the sealer hardens, small holes open up allowing water to go places it was not intended. For the Saturn car trunk, the common place the water ends up is in either the driver side or passenger side wheel well of the trunk. If you have a sunroof on your Saturn it might also be that the rear drain outlet is not secure against the body but most likely it is the seal between the metal bodywork.

Saturn Car Wet Trunk

Fix Saturn Car Trunk Leak

To fix the water leaking into the trunk:

  • Remove the rear fender on the side of the car with the leak. There are videos on YouTube explaining how to do this.
  • Clean off the loose and hardened sealer. Gentle swings against the sealer with a pointed hammer or gentle chiseling with a screwdriver will accomplish this task. A wire brush will also work. Some of the sealer will just fall off in your hands as you touch it. Removing bad seam sealer from Saturn car that has Trunk Leak
  • Once the hardened sealer has been removed, wipe the area down to remove any dust / dirt that could prevent the new sealer from sticking to the car.
  • Apply a flexible sealing paint to the seams - in this case we used Plasti Dip applied in several coats with a brush. Make sure that the paint is applied thickly and that you work the paint into the seams with your brush.
  • Removing bad seam sealer from Saturn car that has Trunk Leak

    You should now have a dry trunk the next time it rains.

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