Saturn Wet Floor

Saturn cars seem like they have lots of leaks of water into places where it should not go. This page deals with 3 common reasons for why water gets inside a Saturn causing the carpet to be wet.

Three common places that cause Saturn wet carpet.

  • 1 - A/C / Vent Drain blocked
  • All cars have an external drain to remove water that is generated by air conditioning or captured during rain by the external vent. Over time the drain can get clogged. Saturn drain outlet is a short rubber hose in the middle of the engine bulkhead and you can use a screwdriver to clean it out. If this is your problem, you will usually find dampness at the front of the cabin near the center of the car. When you are cleaning out the drain, you will also see the water get released.

  • 2 - Sunroof
  • Please see the Sunroof Leak page to understand the source of the leaks as it could be caused by several different things. As Saturn sunroof leak comes from up top, the dampness may be found in the headliner (visible water stains, pealing cloth) and or the seats (where water has dripped onto them) are wet.

  • 3 - Door Seal
  • Saturn door seals shrink over time. When they shrink, it can allow rain to get into the U shaped channel that attaches the door seal to the metal flange of the car. When this happens, rain will drain along the channel into the inside of the car. The leak itself may be several feet away from where most of the dampness is found. Meaning that the door seal may be leaking at the very front of your Saturn but the water runs into the back of the car. Locating the leak involves removing the interior plastic trim and carpet that is around the door and having someone spray water from a hose along the top of the door while door is closed. Or you can wait for the next rain storm to hit and watch for the leak inside the car. Indications that your door seal is leaking is when you find your Saturn has very wet carpet at the front or back of the Saturn car after a heavy rain but no obvious sign of a leak. Simple fix to Saturn wet floor is to remove the suspect door seal, run a bead of silicone along the outside of the metal flange where the U shaped channel of the seal grips the flange and then re-install the door seal while the silicone is still a gel/liquid. Channel of door seal then gets sealed by the silicone so that no more rain water can flow in it.

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